We Remain Faded

Digital album / IMNT 080

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.

Album on compact disc / IMNT 080

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.
  • 1. We Remain Faded
  • 2. Games
  • 3. Larcenous
  • 4. Air Bubble Material
  • 5. To Dine in Distance
  • 6. Life Struggles Constant

Following up a number of web & CD-R releases (more recently Number 65 on No Type and I Can Only Remember Tomorrow on Subverseco), you can say it was about time Dustin Craig (known to lovers of fine electronica as Headphone Science and Elasticlego, alternately) has his music featured on a CD!

The six previously unreleased songs found on the We Remain Faded EP are probably his strongest and boldest material to date. No monotony to be found in this bristling display of Craig’s trademark chopped-up hip-hop style. Even if we wanted to make comparisons, we’d have a hard time, so why don’t you just listen to the audio clips?

Oh, & one more thing: this guy calls himself Headphone Science for a reason!

  • Date available: 2003-05-27


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