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September 4th, 2006

We now have a myspace. If you enjoy what we do, why not "friend" us!

August 29th, 2006

Three of the stars of our recent nsh100 compilation return for their second full-length Nishi releases.

K.D. Expression - Pleasures. Although considerably darker than his previous work for Nishi (which was somewhat overcast to begin with), "Pleasures" is still infused with the insistent synth lines and strident beats we have come to expect from K.D. Expression.

Sascha Müller - Funktionales Karma. A four part exploration of minimal house-like experiments. The rhythms are largely implied between the endlessly shifting pads and the interlocking layers of percussive elements.

Zirkulardynamik - Live. Sometimes we like to be soothed by abstract soundscapes and intricate rhythms. For the other times, Berlin-based elektrockers Zirkulardynamik are here to dial up some serious aggression. This live recording captures the full force of their feedback-heavy take on industrial techno/rock.

August 11th, 2006

Mystified - Hunting Collecting. Alternating between rhythmic pieces ("Trickle Down Side Stick Mix"), manipulations of homemade sounds ("Rubber TV") and good old-fashioned drones ("Recycled RM"), and featuring an excerpt from the epic "Trash Everest" (in Thomas' own words: "to take something small or ordinary and make it sound much larger than it is"), "Hunting Collecting" features all the variation and intrigue we have come to expect from the busiest man in netlabels.

Restive - m2006/11-08. Not many artists take the trouble to ensure that each track on an album lasts an exact whole number of minutes, but that's the kind of attention to detail you can expect from Restive. From the synth washes and sporadic clicks of opener "aguirre" to the digital snowstorm of "chillwindz", via the jigsaw-like rhythmic interplay of "bouncebeats" and "brainloops", this album is a compelling example of electronic music off the beaten track.

July 16th, 2006

Various Artists - nsh100. Yes, Nishi has reached its 100th release. To celebrate, we asked some past, present and future artists to submit tracks for a compilation album. The result is almost 3 hours of music spanning dozens of genres, styles and moods (not to mention several continents).

Between the sublime washes from Pocka and Ambient Field, the dark glitch-pop of Samarah and John Tennant, and the relentless pounding of Elektro Punc and Sascha Müller, and everything in between, there really should be something for everyone here.

June 17th, 2006

Pocka - Locked Together Like. Brad Mitchell's new 3 track EP is a fine display of covertly tuneful ambient music. "Where The Deals Are Now" buries itself under fuzzy, sporadic outbursts; "Our Hell Is This Song" somehow avoids collapsing into a sea of distortion; "Moritzlaker" drifts between squealing feedback and pulsating hypnotism.

Mr September - Live At Nowhere. Jazz cross-bred with electronica... nnnnnnnice! But don't be put off by "the J word"; Andy Selby's virtual ensemble avoid self-indulgent noodling and create a catchy, coherent set of tracks. Synthetic bass and brass, ethereal e-piano and intricately sliced drums: something cool for these hot summer days.

In other news: If you enjoyed Antanas Jasenka's two recent releases, you might be interested in his latest project: Boarding Pass, in which Jasenka's music is complemented perfectly by a CD of remixes and a DVD of intriguing visuals.

April 25th, 2006

Leksha - Mark EP. Key phrase: "order in chaos". Solid, crunchy, almost hip-hop-esque rhythms underpin the expansive glitches and pads on this EP from Russia, but a healthy dose of unpredictability is retained.

Mystified - Mystical Steam. If you're not already familiar with Thomas Park's work, may we be the first to welcome you to the netlabel scene. Mystified is back for a second Nishi release, this time drawing on field recordings and homemade sounds to create his patented blend of beats and atmospheres.

Otsu.Vihara - Phearofobia. In which Andrew Latham, better known as Mayfairgrin, lets off some steam. From the blissful ambience of opening track "Psybuuria" to the thundering three-part epic "Narrow", and the varying degrees of what comes inbetween, Phearofobia is a study in harshness and relentlessness.

bject - Truth Wounds. Proving that there's still goodness to be had from the humble vocoder, and that ICQ is a powerful medium of communication, this Brazilian duo give us nine tracks of irresistibly adventurous and ambitious pop music. Expect layers of bright electronics, alternating with uncompromisingly fuzzy guitars.

Antanas Jasenka - Zacheta and Car Music. Not one, but two releases from this Lithuanian composer. Zacheta transcribes a live performance in Warsaw, and is all about minimalism and abstractness, with all manner of drones, blips and scrapes orbiting each other. Car Music shifts the emphasis onto rhythms, sometimes frantic and sometimes sporadic, while retaining a keen ear for the unusual.

February 12th, 2006

Cagey House - Octopus Two. Dave Keifer's previous EP for Nishi was very well received. This time we're treated to a full album of his skewed, adventurous, melodious, quirky takes on electronica.

digital_mode - Hightech EP. A little uncompromising d'n'b to get you moving through the long winter nights. This Austrian duo lay down four storming slabs of syncopation, to be played as loud as possible.

Yuri Lugovskoy - EP. The latest Ukrainian artist to join our party presents three circling soundscapes. All of these untitled pieces are fascinating and unsettling to various degrees, with the repetitive chatter of "Track04" being particularly haunting.

ILI - Cronicles Hoa Sa. Glitchy polyrhythms from Russia. Oleg Semenovyh's tours of the post-IDM landscape are unpredictable and minutely detailed, encompassing all manner of sound sources.

December 13th, 2005

Season's greetings from Nishi!

Mystified - Dark Lacunae. Proving that quality and quantity needn't be mutually exclusive, netlabel superstar Mystified adds his first release for Nishi to his already extensive portfolio. Covering all bases from brooding, pitch-black drones to skewed rhythmic explorations, you never quite know what direction the music is going to take next.

JapJap - Shapes Are EP. Seamlessly fusing elements of ambient and drum 'n' bass, this 4-track EP from the Netherlands is packed full of frantic breaks and instantly familiar synth hooks, but never hesitates to make room for blissful washes and pads. Like all the best music, "juxtaposition" is the key word. Delicate yet uncompromising.

K.D. Expression - Mental EP. An enigmatic EP from an enigmatic artist. The breaks and melodies are slick and flawlessly produced, never dirtier nor cleaner than they need to be. The overall atmosphere is compelling and uplifting, but it can get rather dark in the shadows.

Pino The Frog - Western Girls. Vancouver's Pino The Frog is practically one of the family. For his third Nishi release, he treats us to more of his unique brand of digital obfuscation. Melodies and rhythms shine almost imperceptibly through layers of arbitrary complexity. This may well be the last you hear from Pino The Frog, at least under that alias, so don't miss it.

John Kannenberg - A Canticle For Leibowitz. The man behind the Stasisfield netlabel gives us his "possible soundtrack" for Walter M. Miller, Jr's science fiction novel. These fine-grained soundscapes are sure to evoke vivid mental images of a post-apocalyptic world, whether you're familiar with the book or not. Charting the fall, rise and fall of mankind.

Mark Hamn - Function Buttons. You may already have downloaded this release from the Maetrixsolution netlabel, but it deserves a second airing. Microscopically detailed textures for piano, guitar and electronics are the product of this Italian artist's functional button-bashing. Zeroing in on the perfect balance between melody and noise.On second thoughts... head over to maetrixsolution to download this release (number ms011n). We still have some alternate cover art if you want it. And look out for a new Mark Hamn release on Nishi in the not-too-distant future!

See you in 2006!

October 30th, 2005

Happy hallowe'en! Five baskets of tricks 'n' treats to share around the campfire:

Mombus - Corpuscle Bureau. Warm music from cold climates. Mombus gives us six miniature instrumental pop classics, sweetly melodic and catchy but never twee or tacky. They jump around too much to fit into any particular pigeon-hole, but fans of electronica, IDM, post-rock, synth-pop, folktronica etc won't want to miss this one. If you don't end up humming these tunes to yourself for the next few weeks, you have no soul.

Zed - Collecting Dust. A superlative demonstration of textural guitar playing, and of ambient/drone music in general. Three tracks of epic washes evolving from constantly twisting six-string improvisations, bookended by three tracks of more straightforward (but no less satisfying) drones. An essential download if you like your ambient spaces to breathe and emote.

Blue T-Shirt - SOLO/0705. A month in 36 minutes; one track for each day of July 2005. Blue T-Shirt cooks up a smorgasbord of electronic styles and moods. Track 5 has barely begun when it dissolves into swathes of reverb; track 12 could be the soundtrack to the world's shortest film; track 10 is a chaotic flurry of filthy drums and slurred synths; the final track is a sprawling slab of ambience weighing in at a lengthy 4:56. But you really need to listen for yourself to pick out your own favourites.

Kabana - Front. The title track is a study in relentless pads, cyclic bass, clicky minimal rhythms, and the odd ethereal swoosh. On the flipside, Cardiogram is a slightly dubbier affair, bringing the heartbeat-like bass to the foreground and underpinning it with clicks and sporadic pads. Just the kind of understated melodic ambience we know you love so much, with the perfect balance between progression and repetition.

Zirkulardynamik - Bessere Welt. This 9-man juggernaut has already been tearing up the German festival circuit with their über-aggressive take on electronic industrial techno punk rock, and now they're here to do much the same thing on your hard disks. Angular guitars, relentless beats and synths, shouted vocals (auf Deutsch, natürlich), and even a didgeridoo battle it out for your frenetic enjoyment.

September 22nd, 2005

Field, the sophomore Nishi release from Nikita, continues the theme of minimal rhythms established first time round. Glitches and microscopic precision never sounded so soulful.

We're pleased to welcome prolific noisemerchant Chefkirk to our extended family. You'll be forgiven for thinking that each of the tracks on Label Other End is actually an entire album played at breakneck speed; an impressively frenetic display of order collapsing into chaos, and vice versa.

Dutch/German duo Monokit offer up an album of compact emotional atmospheres. Monolyth allows you to explore 17 landscapes, ranging from the comforting to the unfaimilar to the downright unsettling, and still be back home within the hour.

Resolute by Dave Seagrim is a masterclass in building and releasing tension. Five adventurous anthems which are as suited to the armchair as to the dancefloor.

And finally, be sure to check this playlist of some of our best moments to date, courtesy of user (and one-man listening army) LAJ.

July 28th, 2005

"Hi, I'm yesterday, and today I'm looking for tomorrow." Ola Calma by Maina is an intoxicating blend of vocal and electronic experimentalism, which shifts frequently and effortlessly between calm and aggression.

Ambient Field explores the works of one of France's literary greats, with results as awe-inspiring and filled with adventure as the originals. Five Jules Verne Heroes sees analogue sequences underpin avalanches of noise and discord in a tumultuous vision of the future.

Lovers of smooth incandescent drones will instantly warm to Phyle's Earth. Glacially slow yet frothing with turbulence, these three monolithic soundscapes could come from a distant nebula.

The title isn't the only intriguing thing about Petting 1: Everything Minor (And A Scratch) by Yeah Pretty Boy. Finest ambient music peppered with an array of spikes and hooks which are sure to snag you and refuse to let go.

Up to now, no Nishi artists have had their music featured on an extreme sports DVD (correct me if I'm wrong!) But Mistrust is here to change that. Making Movies EP is "drift music" which never coasts on autopilot, down-tempo compositions which refuse to be caught napping.

Grainy improvised post-rock is the order of the day from Subpoint Disaster. In Travels Across Gray Areas, the reverb, recording noise and general atmosphere share center-stage with the sparse guitar/bass/drums instrumentation.

June 20th, 2005

"But of course, something more has happened..."

To coincide with the release of Live@Rixc by Arturas Bumsteinas on Danish label Organic Pipeline, we present Rixc Remixes. Running the gamut of moods and textures, an hour of abstraction divided by common themes and sources.

Samarah serves up her unique brand of downtempo vocal glitchiness on These Things. Sublime clicks and scratches interwoven with blissfully narcoleptic vocals.

Don't be fooled by the name: there's nothing rudimentary about First Soundscape Experiment. Fever Asym's ambient wanderings are melodic and atonal, beatless and rhythmic.

Following up his previous release on Nishi more than two years ago, Emmanuel Farley brings us Awkward Sex. Six evocative and dynamic compositions showcasing an immense musical talent.

And finally, Cagey House is here to throw a Steel Tantrum. Playful (yet dangerous) slices of electronica that aren't afraid to shoot off on tangents in the name of experimentation.

May 29th, 2005

Kurrel the Raven whisks us off to a universe of emotive drones, reverb-soaked guitars, and space owls. The appropriately named Blissblaster EP defines epic shoegazing (or should that be stargazing?) for the netlabel generation.

Further confounding the frontier between electronica and post-rock, French Teen Idol weaves a fabric of intricate piano figures, impassioned sequences and intriguing samples. Meticulous harmonies and a fine sense of dynamics pervade this self-titled album.

Sometimes numbers speak louder than words, if you know how to interpret them. .at/on packages four miniature worlds of brutally abstract wave/particle duality into DGT. A sporadic abundance of arithmetical discord.

May 7th, 2005

Rich.vom.Dorf. serves up a mini-album of feelgood electronics and amiable/edgy melodies. Misinterpret Yourself is like a lazy afternoon on the fringes of summer: sunny, with chances of light showers.

Strinqulu makes a welcome return. Ten Cases of Human Aberration is an exhilarating cocktail of fragmented tones and obfuscated rhythms.

Hibiscus - Postrocking. Sparse (yet finely detailed) sketches placing the bass guitar at the center of enchantingly cyclic atmospheres. Not so much post-rock, as its distilled essence.

And finally, for fans of Nishi founder and head honcho K.M. Krebs (which quite frankly should be all of you), here is a fascinating article and interview (in English and Russian).

Mar 20th, 2005

Hello Nishi fans! I'm Ed, and I'll be taking care of things while your regular tourguide is off livin' it up in South Korea.

Continuing the Ukrainian tradition of precise soundscapes with a human touch, Kotra presents Stamina. There's enough intricacy and plot twists in these four offerings to delight and fascinate the casual listener and the close scrutinizer alike.

Plumb and Plumber mixes melody, ambience, noise and silence in just the right ratios on Come Early Go Late. A 50 minute excursion through cyclic abrasion and half-buried beauty.

Jan 13th, 2005

A belated new years from Nishi! To celebrate we catch up with four new releases:

We're pleased that Introspective decided to return to Nishi a second time. Patient Reactions EP features some of his recent work. Sombre ambient wanderings that might just warm you somehow this winter.

An Orange Rainbow by k.m.krebs. Originally released a while back on Subversco, which recently vanished. This six track mix of B-movie electro-kitch needed a new home and running a net label gives you the advantage of releasing your own work.

Boundless Walls -- the debut Nishi release by Minus Pilots. Over 50 minutes of freeform ambient improv teeming with samples. Destined to become a favourite of Nishi ambient following.

Random Sea by Nikita. A three-track glitchpopclickjazz extravaganza that isn't going to sit on your hands for change.

Also.... I was terrible and never got around to annoncing the astounding Nishi 50 release! A monsterous collection of work (nearly 2 hours) from past, current and future Nishi members. So, go download it now that I've confessed my guilt.

Sept 29th, 2004

Summerfall blow-out:

Pino the Frog returns to Nishi with a three-part study of aqueous sound fields. Sonorous and meditative: Immerser

Ambiguous Prophets by Raemus is a collection of 4 tracks of winding electronic ambience and tumult clearly created by a skilled hand (and ear). Raemus has released a considerable amount of work on several other net labels (Kikapu & Stasisfield to name but two) and this release continues to highlight his unique and wide-ranging sound.

Interrupted is a playful set of compositions from Aoiga: cool, smooth beats and streched melodies. Un-self-conscious mellowness.

Dynamic Interplay (the alter-ego of M.A.S. Productions, whose work can be found on Nishi as well) was kind enough to share this astoundingly good recording of a live performance he recently did. Full of vitality and beautiful intricacies, these tracks prove for an extremely satisfying listen that proves electronic music is not exclusively the domain of laptop-based clicks and pops: Untitled

Is it too cliché to utter the quote "Make love, not war" in the year 2004? Well, we plead guitly if so. Herotyc, a long-time Nishi arms inspector is back once again with this virtual whitelabel vinyl to drop a different sort of bomb on you. Four tracks of techie-techno for the final days of summer. (I sound like a DJ!) -- Weapons of Mass Seduction

And finally, a debut release for Strinqulu - a compressed explosion of 8 tracks full of drones, clicks, lost melodies and scattershot percussion: Uncertainty

June 26th, 2004

Vägskäl's second Nishi release (with work also at Kikapu and Enough Records). A Road to Nowhere picks up where his previous work left off with deep chilled resonances and fragile beats.

Comlex's debut on Nishi -- I Like Sounding Sound: a turbulent waveform storm of broken bits.

May 13th, 2004

Triptych reverberation:

Lime Kilns by Eucci: based on recordings in lime kilns and forgotten tunnels found in and around Salt Lake City; humans are like mines.

Do ghosts leave trails? Hackeronte circles around spartan interferences and inferences in seven segments: Frequencies

M.A.S. Productions: Twilight Night. A four movement composition that brings up memories of early space-music with amnesia.

March 8th, 2004

Another late update. Note that we now have an RSS feed (courtesy of for those who prefer to keep tabs on updates that way.

Convurazio makes his debut on Nishi with three miniscule and hyperactive tracks featuring frenetic electro-collage IDM with little respect for convention: untitled

Yu Nishibori & his friends are back, this time as The Trotters -- an excellent follow-up to their previous album; slow & evocative sound-fields brimming with processed recordings and a host of other mysterious sounds: The Trotters

January 23th, 2004

Gung Hei Fat Choy!

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we've got three new releases:

Do you need a heart? Remember those whispering vocals that you hear when you're half asleep? They're composed by Symphonic Stereo. Flowering highpass lyrics against a background of subdued electro-pop.

Covert Set by Introspective: something like Brian Eno meets the Dr. Who soundtrack. Gentle drifting ambient works to sit by, with the slightest touch of sci-fi.

Black Hole Acoustics by Pfft; a set of noisy ambient tracks conceptually based around sounds detected emanating from a black hole. The rhythm of cosmic interferences raining down on us.

December 17th, 2003

This release features two artists from Laced Milk Technologies, a Florida based electronic-music collective who defintely have something extra in their water.

Bipolar Controller's The Squid Kid. A 46 minute 9-track sampling of experiment-tinged IDM with numerous magnetic surprises.

Ancestral Oddity by Line Noise contains 8 tracks just short of a hour in length. Drum and bass vibes up against fragments of IDM and industrial influences creating an impressively involving release.

November 17th, 2003

Nishi is back online at a new host. None of the releases will be accessible for a while here. However, you can get them from Nishi's page on the net label archive.

October 24st, 2003

"I've got an excuse this time!"

Murphy Luzod was kind enough to contribute a live recoding of his performance at last year's Open Circuits festival: Lament for Lost Beats. A shimmering spiral of tones and ever-so-subtle clicks.

Prepare youself for some heavy minimal and experimental house: Sascha Müller's Flight Controller EP is reminiscent of watching clouds in the wind... they slowly progress and twist across the sky, yet seem to remain the same clouds.

For those of you who enjoyed Colophon's Imprint/Tailpiece release, get on over to weblabel-in-crime Please Do Something and download his new release I never want to return.

In other obscurantist news, I'm now adding replaygain (both track & album) information to all Nishi releases. The only player that supports this at the moment is the excellent Foobar2000.

August 25st, 2003

Two new releases:

Vagskal's Cold playfully jitters around light and darkness, mixing cold drones and sparse percussion with bleeping melodies and sparkling pads for a curious listen.

Miniatures - Pino the Frog's debut on Nishi with almost 24 minutes of complex ambience, elusive and full of micro-melodies which hover on the brink of perception. Defintely something you'll find yourself listening to numberous times to try catching it.

July 21st, 2003

We re-emerge from the cold blue silence:

live at DV8 by foer, a 72 minute live recording dating back from 1999, featuring a confusing barage of improv electronic and ambient music.

An untitled ep by the blood and treasure; diving into the deep end with this 5 track release, a treasure chest of flowing pads, iridescent melodies and clamshell percussions.

May 27th, 2003

Page layout re-designed (except all the release pages, which I can hopefully get to in the near future); new releases (& fairly big surprises) coming soon.

May 15th, 2003

Without further ado:

Live at the Sugar Refinery -- a live recording of a performance by Holzkopf that I was fortunate enough to be at.

Imprint/Tailpiece : A six track release by Colophon breaking down divisions between post-rock & electronic music.

Omnid's Ceelek Curv consists of two haunting soundscape-based compositions.

April 8th, 2003

Music for a tumultuous world:

Otranto, a suite of four intricate and gleaming tracks by Italian micro-composer Urkuma.

Emmanuel Farley : Phased Bodies -- studies in attraction and repulsion.

By fate or by chance, the intangible works of Yu Nishibori and his friends made their way here: Untitled.

March 10th, 2003

I've finally created a notifylist for those who want to receive email when the site is updated. Subscribe here

March 7th, 2003

Still playing catch-up...

rainy night (field studies from östernäs) by herr axelsson; listening to suspended raindrops, constellated preciptation and droning acoustics.

rodomontade by yonaites -- a fervent and complex collision of acoustic and electronic melodies and rhythms with enveloping sensibilities.

re:construction by foal. a smokescreen of microscopic patterns and broken-bit house.

Believe it or not, there's still more releases waiting in line. Also, don't forget we're always interested in receiving submissions.

Feb 13th, 2003

Nishi is officially back!

After two months of silence, we can begin offering up all the music that has come to us...

herotyc returns with a new collection of tunefully thick delights to retreat to the Spanish coast in your imagination: life.

catch symbalisty -- an intricate labyrinth of unwavering abstract sounds from jon vaughn & nuthre

resound (aka krii of tokyodawn) strays from his usual trip-hop and house vibes to lead us on a voyage across three tracks of acoustic tundra: untitled.

And finally, after some digging through the archives, foer returns with a live recording from 1998, highlighting some of their most minimal work: trajectory.

Feb 11th, 2003

After a long and tumultuous few months, Nishi and No Type are finally back.

First off, we have to send thanks out to everyone who helped us out. For those who missed it, the harddrive on the server died in early December. Now we're back up and running, with more space & speed than ever before.

I'm just making a few final modifications to the new releases -- expect an update in the next day or two.

Nov 1st, 2002

In-keeping with the delays found at No Type, our next batch of releases has finally arrived.

Zug Island makes an appearance with a live recording: live at aspect. a broken-bit extravaganza of noise & beats.

The ever-industrious Books on Tape offers up the provocatively clever this house is not a home, 20 minutes of his trademark sensibilities in an pre-fabricated, easy to assemble package.

Sep 25th, 2002

Small site re-design to make it render correctly in Mozilla. Added many more online label links. Next update within a week or two.

Sep 2nd, 2002

"Webmusic-only instant dj set" by [in]anace of sub-source features a number of Nishi artists. Go there & take a listen.

August 14th, 2002

After a slight delay and some problems with the server, we're back with two new releases, both fairly conceptual. Sit down in a cool, dark room and escape the summer:

Nex, a highly skilled Ukrainian musician presents us with the impressive Jacketed Music. These five tracks were carefully assembled only with sounds from his jacket: "zippers, stickers, friction when walking, etc."

After quite a delay, Nuthre makes his Nishi debut with Cinquains. A reflective & subtle collection of music, inspired by a form of five-line poetry with syllables for each line as 2-4-6-8-2, Cinquains organizes material provided by Jon Vaughn into textures of 2, 4, 6, and 8 voice polyphonies with slight adjustments and much patience.

June 19th, 2002

Update number three....

John Tennant makes his first appearance on Nishi with three twisting & subtle abstract tracks in Bad Mode.

Turning down a different path -- Hinterland offers up 6 tracks of tumultuous post-rock (or whatever pigeonhole you want to cram them into): Untitled

May 30th, 2002

Our second update. Here's what you'll find:

Dj Aural makes an apperance on Nishi -- known to many in Vancouver for his hypnotic audio/visual performances. Enter this world offers up 9 tracks that aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in a sandbox of samples.

Dick Richards, everyone's favourite Torontonian minimal house mastermind is kind enough to share his devious plans with us. Courtesy of raummusik, we've been able to intercept his 20 minute track Sabat, variations of which will be appearing on vinyl in the not-to-distant future...

Finally, direct from southern Spain, Herotyc offers us a carefully crafted set of tracks which skirt and skitter around the coastline. Inspired by Asian history, expect to be trasported through space & time with Cement-like Dreams.

Until next time...