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May 5th, 2007

Hello again! It's been a few months, but Nishi is back again with three new releases.

Nth Synthesis - Chaptire Premier. "Chaptire Premier" is a dark electro EP from Nishi newcomers Nth Synthesis. Nth Synthesis is an international collaboration project between musicians and video artists Pierce Warnecke of the United States and Romain Serrate of France. Five songs, some brand new, some revamped, all glitched out noir electro just for you.

Siegmar Fricke - Orthotic. Prolific German composer Siegmar Fricke has been active in the electronic music scene since the 1980's. His first Nishi release, "Orthotic", is a four track EP in the abstract style he calls "Pharmakustik". Eschewing preset-sounds, melodies and familiar song-structures, Pharmakustik instead consists of reduced and syncopated rhythmic patterns, and clinically filtered ambiences.

Holzkopf - Epilepsy Circle. Canadian Nishi veteran Holzkopf originally released his double EP "Epilepsy Circle" as "Sum(n) Gun(m) Kicked Under the Table with Epilepsy" and "A Circle is a Natural Shape" on CD in very limited numbers from nOnCapable Recordings, and in mp3 form on Severed Digit Recordings. The CDs were sold out long ago, and Severed Digit no longer exists, but we've given these tracks a new home. Ten tracks ranging from breakcore/hip-hop to ambient chimes and drones.

January 26th, 2007

Hello everyone! Well, it's 2007 and the new year brings change. Ed Powley (aka Colophon), who has been helping to run Nishi for the past couple of years, is working on his PhD and has passed on the torch. My name is Christopher Benuzzi, and Kevin has entrusted me with the curatorship of the netlabel. Although things have changed a little behind the scenes, Nishi will continue to operate in the same ecclectic spirit you have come to expect since our founding five years ago. That having been said, here are the first releases for 2007!

K.D. Expression - For the Broken Heart from Collapsed Dreams. K.D. Expression returns to Nishi with a nine track album this time. "For the Broken Heart from Collapsed Dreams" is a well developed and rich mixture of epic sounds, driving beats and haunting moods. This release aptly includes a bonus track from K.D.'s side project, "Deadline".

Samarah - Robots Smile Too. Following up on her recent contribution to Nishi 100, Samarah's "Robots Smile Too" features self-contained bursts of glitch-pop and minimal techno with slinky bass lines and catchy melodies while maintaining her trademark sultry vocals, and textural cuts and displaced beat sensibility.

Parataxis - Abandoned Site. Matt Kenefick's Nishi debut is a time-frozen journey through a compactified space of empty structure. These tracks feature micro-scale processing, synthetic and processed vocal textures, convolution and other spectral transformations, blended with metal/wood percussion and chimerical string/pipe/tube syntheses generated by physical-modeling.

January 21st, 2007

Hello Nishi watchers! Here's a belated update on our December 2006 releases.

Modul - Globe Puzzle. An astonishing concept driven album that traverses the spectrum of electronic music. Split into four groups of three tracks, with each group related to a cardinal point of the compass. These are lucid and complex compositions that travel between electro and ambient, with glitch flourishes.

Court of Hidden Faces - Snow. Court of Hidden Faces, who some of you may remember from the Nishi 100 compilation, returns with a delicate 4 track release. The only sound sources for these tracks were an electric guitar, crackle from the amp, and a recording of rain. Slow-paced and hypnotic.

Rich.vom.Dorf. - Marsian Weekenders. Rich.vom.Dorf. returns to Nishi with a five track album follow up to his 'Misinterpret Yourself' It has his trademark rhythmic playfulness and catchy melodies, and is perhaps a touch more upbeat and dense than his previous album.

September 19th, 2006

Ambient Field - Sci-Fi. Patrick Wiklacz continues to indulge his (and our) fascinations with classic science fiction and analog synthesizers, at the intersection of the past and the future. This score for an imaginary sci-fi movie incorporates all manner of otherworldly noises in alien configurations, synthesized and saturated, chilling despite their warmth.

RahMoonAhs and N!N!N! - HippyHope. If you ever thought that electronic music ought to have more guitar solos, you are about to be vindicated. N!N!N!'s fretboard wizardry alternates between weaving among RahMoonAhs' intricate digital soundscapes and soaring above them, and the results are chaotic, eclectic and beautiful.

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