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[tobias c. van Veen] is a sound & net-artist, techno.turntablist, and writer. He has been enmeshed with musikal resistance culture since 1993, curating, DJing, performing and provoking via interventions & events, sounds & words. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, tobias was intricately involved in the West Coast anarcho-techno scene as founder of the <ST> Projekt &’s >>tobias holds editorial and columnist positions for several arts, music and politics publications including FUSE, e|i, Capital, and Discorder. He has written on music, technology and the political for The Wire and the Leonardo Music Journal and produced radio-art for the CBC and Austria Kunstradio.

:: His tactical media, performance & have surfaced on,,,,,, at the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, in Amsterdam, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver.

:: A DJ set still resides on He is author of the 2003 Canadian Electronic Music Directory and is currently writing a book on the politics of sound, disappearance and microcultures. As of 2004 he can be found traipsing the halls between McGill’s Departments of Communications and Philosophy in MontrÈal and working with La SociÈtÈ des arts technologiques [SAT] as a freelance Concept Engineer. His current projects include online videogame performance, sonic psychogeography, breathwork audio, and miniature digital video. His blog resides at <> .

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